Attention ALL People who are : Busy, Tired, Stressed out
and Lacking Get Up and Go!

2 Days..One Critical Message..How To Live Your Life With Abundant Energy And Love!

  • Are you ready to change your thinking and change your life?

  • Are you ready to feel Re-charged, Re-energised and Renewed …so you can feel great, look great and achieve Optimum wellbeing in all areas of your life?

  • Are you ready to learn how to break old self destructive habits with new simple steps, techniques, skills and strategies?…

Love Yourself Renew Yourself Retreat

19 & 20th May 2012
Killashee House Hotel, Naas, co, Kildare.

Personal note from your Host Gertrude Lawler

Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to read this personal note from me to you. It is a very proud and privileged moment for me to have this opportunity to share with you all the precious details about my very special upcoming retreat.

I am really thrilled to be where I am right now…healthy, happy and thriving with abundant energy. I care for myself and I love myself deeply in a way I never knew how to before.

Until I found the path of alternative health and learning HOW to take care of myself I was living with a very tired, toxic and stressed out body.

I had no idea what was wrong with me, how to help myself or where to go for help. Medically all the doors were they quite clearly and matter of factly told me there was nothing wrong with me…mmm..then why had I constant sinus problems, why was I having nasty reactions everytime I ate normal foods, why was I blinded with migraines every other day, why was my back in severe pain, why had I a constant pain in my left hand side, why did I find it impossible to get of bed?

Through all I have learned from my own personal healing journey, my years of experience of working with others like you and me, many alternative treatments throughout the years, from reading self-help books, from attending live workshops, from making necessary changes…I turned my life and my health completely around and it did not involve one single medical pill.

During this amazing retreat I will be working with you through a mixture of insightful classes, awakening exercises, enlightening workshops and much more so you can experience radical changes within yourself…just like I did.
I will show you how to break and change self-destructive habits and old patterns. I will show you how you can turn a tired mind and body into a NEW you…..where you understand you more…where you love and respect you in a completely new way.

Throughout this retreat I will be encouraging you to allow healing of yourself to flow, I encourage you to allow yourself to “be” and most of all I encourage you to believe in yourself.

During these two magical days you will not only get to relax, unwind, renew, recharge and rejuvenate but you will also experience freedom from daily routines, chores, noise and self-limiting thoughts. You will be immersed in growing opportunities, stillness, beauty, space and time…where the core of your being can be free….Free to be yourself.

Both myself and the team at the Killashee House Hotel.. endeavour to welcome you with open arms…treat you, educate you, encourage you and support you through your renewing life changing retreat. I want to ensure your experience from this remarkable event will be one you remember for the rest of your life.

Please take this opportunity to allow yourself to live your life right now for you, a life filled with passion, love and joy. With Abundant energy and self love you can do that.

To your Health, Happiness,

Here is what previous Retreat attendees had to say.....


What will your ONE word be?

If you are someone who ???..

  • Is Feeling Burned out/Exhausted

  • Suffers energy slumps throughout the day

  • Someone who struggles to get out of bed

  • Someone who has a nagging health matter for as long
    as they can remember

  • Someone who lacks motivation and get up and go

  • Someone who struggles with achieving optimum weight
    or achieving a balanced lifestyle

  • Someone who is raring to learn how to help themselves
    and PREVENT diseases, ….


Then this retreat is exactly for you…

We all know there are things we ‘Should’ be doing for ourselves why don’t we?

  • We feel we don’t have the time..

  • Ignorance…we simply don’t know How to look after ourselves, we don’t know what to eat or not to eat, we don’t know how to prevent energy slumps, headaches, ..

  • We feel Overwhelmed..we simply don’t know where to we do nothing

  • We feel we are not worth spending the money on..

  • We feel it will be too hard to make changes

  • We feel we will miss out on all the nice yummy things in life..the things we feel we deserve!

  • We feel healthy eating, exercising, really looking after ourselves is Boring!!

  • We always put others first.. and seldom think of ourselves

  • We feel guilty for taking time out

  • We expect quick fixes..immediate results..high expectations…

Gertrude’s Love Yourself Renew Retreat is something ANY person would greatly benefit from. For 2 days it is amazing, how able I feel to deal with my fear of the future. I feel so much more enabled. I found the retreat content, the activities, the comfort of the room, the food and the atmosphere all 10 out of 10!


I really enjoyed the time out to relax and work on me. I feel alot lighter, optimistic and in tune with myself. To sum up the entire retreat in a nutshell, it was MAGIC,


The TRUTH IS.. We waste so much of our energy thinking about..I need to lose weight, I need to start exercising more, If only I had support, I know I’d be happier if…thoughts..thoughts..thoughts..that’s all these are..However as they constantly run through our minds we expel energy thinking about them , they trigger emotions of stress, anger, self-criticism, fear, depression and great DIS---EASE in the body.  

There is ONLY ONE thing you need to do to avoid triggering these emotions of dis-ease in the  mind and body , If you are joining me on the retreat I will show you how with one easy step..

Yes, I would love Abundant energy…BOOK MY SEAT

Here is a taste of what previous attendees of my retreats and workshops have found..

I have learned stress is causing a lot of illness, it is very important to find ‘Me-Time’ during every day. The entire retreat was fantastic..
Paulina Perowsky.
Excellent, well worth every cent and thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend it to everyone.
Lynda Cosgrove
A fantastic weekend of truly getting in touch with ‘you’..meeting new people and engaging in all the activities I never thought possible as we limit ourselves through perception, fear etc. I would encourage all my friends and family to do the retreat.
Oonagh McGuire
I was feeling very tired and stressed before the retreat, now I feel just great and refreshed. I have learned most of all ..that change is good. We all need this awareness in today’s environment.
Dolores Higgins
I learned that I must relax a lot more..and not to try and accomplish everything in one day. Life is for living. I feel full of energy!!!
Maria Riordan

Firstly What this retreat will not be

Before you start thinking this is like every other retreat, spa or workshop you've been to, think again.

  • This will NOT be a whole bunch of THEORY. There will be plenty of action, fun, laughter and interaction. Personally, if I'm going to be away from my own family for 2 days for a workshop, I want to walk out with whatever I need most. I want meaningful BREAKTHROUGHS, how-to's, examples to model as soon as I get back. Most of all, I want to have done the work WHILE I'm there, so that I don't have to work too hard when I do get back home. I know you want that too, so that's what you're getting with this retreat. …..plenty of putting into action.

  • This is NOT a Retreat offering you quick fixes, gimmick supplements, There are plenty of seminars already offering you that, so I'll leave that to them. I know you want a down-to-earth event that offers everyday real life people like you ways to move you forward.

  • It will not be advising you to live on lettuce and rabbit food, it will not be advising you to exercise for hours
    everyday, it will not be all about diet foods..


Following the two day retreat with Gertrude I feel Relaxed, positive and prepared for anything life throws at me! I attended the retreat because I wanted to feel better about myself and understand why some things were harder for me than others. I feel like every part of me has been treated. I have done other retreats which were emotionally difficult, I believe I have done the same if not more work here and it was much more gentle. Thank you Gertrude.


I would recommend the retreat as it changes your attitude towards yourself and your life. It is a chance for you to dedicate some quality time on yourself. It was wonderful. I feel refreshed, re-energised, more relaxed and positive. The best thing about the retreat is the TIME it allows you to do the activities, it is not about when you go home…do this or that… you actually get to experience them which is great.


Before I came to the retreat, I felt lost, loaded with anxiety and stress. I came because I wanted to learn more about my body and why things happen in the body and how I can cope better with stress and anxiety. I found the two days powerful! I feel ready to make the changes in my life, one at a time. You will benefit from the retreat in so many ways especially by taking the time out and experiencing it. You will experience HOW TO do things for yourself as you are the only one who can truly take care of yourself.


My Retreat 19th & 20th May 2012 will ALL be About ABUNDANT ENERGY AND SELF-LOVE..

You will learn and experience..

How to break self destructive habits of cravings, negative self talk , old habits etc
The actual causes behind IBS, tiredness, cravings, weight gain, anxiety, pain,digestive problems.. and so on..and how you can overcome them!!!!!!!
The mindset needed to keep balance and momentum in your more more stopping and starting.
What the connection is between mind and body..and how you can change the patterns
What specific parts of the body we all should know about to keep our energy moving
The secrets behind not having to use over the counter medications or pills..
Health tips to keep you looking after you within your busy lifestyle
De-stressing and re-energising steps which can be used anywhere..anytime!
Easy ways to achieve quite time..and stillness first hand
Recipes , healthy eating tips and how to incorporate these energy rich foods into your daily busy routines.
Space to focus on you,…your mind and your body.
A renewed sense of deep relaxation and increased energy.
Greater self-worth and self appreciation
Motivational exercises
An innate desire to keep you yearning to look after you

Here are a few Benefits of having ABUNDANT ENERGY AND LOVE:

  • You can get busy LIVING!!

  • Compliments from others as ….You naturally Glow!

  • Feelings of empowerment and self control…No longer being a victim of tiredness and ‘no get up and go’  You get to choose how you live your life

  • Time, energy and patience with family, friends and loved ones

  • Improved relationships in every aspect of your life

  • Relief, Inner calm and peace

  • Greater ability to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life

  • Clear thinking, direction and focus on whats really important

  • Less time and energy for negativity and self criticism


RESERVE MY PLACE..for abundant energy and love 

I feel much more confident and I know how to nourish my body following the love yourself renew yourself retreat with Gertrude. I recommend to everyone as they will feel great results, I feel invigorated, I came in feeling like a 6 out of 10, I go home feeling 10 out of 10!!!


The retreat gave me a great sense of just ‘being’ and ‘doing’! I feel nurtured all round and so relaxed. I would recommend the retreat to you as it will give you the tools to help yourself live happier, healthier lives.


Here are the most common reasons for NOT looking after ourselves, for NOT taking action and for NOT jumping onboard an amazing opportunity.

Do any of these sound familiar?

 "I’m too tired”Please…Stop saying this…life is passing you by!. Yes, I’m not saying you are not tired, heavens above I know what pure exhaustion and burnout is like, that’s exactly the reason why you need right now to be on this retreat so you can regain control of your life instead of your tiredness and lack of energy controlling you..

Fiona, One of my clients used to have her life on hold because she was so tired, she was constantly making excuses to herself and to others as to why she was unable to meet her friends, join in, in social activities and so on, consisted of bed, work..and looking forward to getting back to bed again. Fiona is now well on her way to doing all she wants..

It’s time for you to recharge your batteries and allow the abundance of energy and love to flow from within. I promise you, you will not be saying ‘I’m too tired’ at the end of the retreat.

“No one can help me anyway…I have tried so many things in the past”, …if you are feeling this negative and down in are right one can help you. You see the mind is so powerful you can believe anything you want to. Today, whether you decide to join me and a group of enlightening like minded people at the retreat or not I want you to begin today to change your thought patterns from “Victim” to “Victor”… Begin with this thought process that there is an abundance of help available for simply have to be open to receive it and accept it. You can.

I would need a lot more than two days”… Yes, of course is a continuous journey where we evolve and grow and develop, it just doesn’t happen as something you do on a once off. This is exactly the principle I will be teaching you…we are simple using two days of complete focus on help you move forward in leaps and bounds. We are all at difference places along our pathway to self love and abundant energy

“I couldn’t afford it”… Okay..,lets say that is true when you focus on the price alone…as figures..of course you may’s too expensive ..these thoughts are created through patterns of you not valuing yourself and being hard on yourself unnecessarily. .You are struggling with seeing and feeling you are worth not just the money but the time too!!….

Time is our most precious commodity, not money. Money is made round to go around..if you really want to be apart of this retreat..make that decision based on your gut…and the money will follow. All you have to do is trust it and believe it. Let’s be honest, if you add up all you have already spent on medical fees, medication, over the counter remedies, magazines, cigarettes, newspapers, sweets, coffee and on and may be shocked at the total.

As an exercise add up what you spent this week, last week, the past month…and see what you come up with. You are worth it, you are worth spending 2 whole days on.. change this into an affirmation and say daily..I am worth it, I am worth it.

Please note: The price of the retreat is in no way a reflection of the real worth and value of attending in person.  It is merely to make it truly affordable!

 “I would love to..but I feel Guilty over leaving my family” ..I treat and work with so many people and one of the top emotions which people feel is guilt…for many different reasons..for not being there, for not doing enough, for not…. The bach flower pine is marvellous at helping to reduce the pangs of guilt experienced. Guilt usually arises when it comes to doing something for ourselves. Guilt comes from past hurts, traumas , abuse and conditioning. The only person in the world you can change is you..when you change, when you love yourself..everything and everyone around changes. By coming on this retreat, by engraving this time out for yourself, you will not only be helping yourself but your loved ones too. This year I decided to have it locally to where the majority of my clients are based so you can go home in the evenings if you wish to.

“It’s too far to travel”…How far is too far?...When you know deep within you , you need this awakening. I know when I felt so tired, burned out and fed up with everyday …I personally would have went to the ends of the earth to find something which would have made a difference. Imagine doing anything..anything for something or someone which means the world to you…you wouldn’t think twice. When I want something badly enough I will make sacrifices , I will do whatever it takes and I always believe in not giving up. Anything is possible and you can make anything happen.
I feel guilty taking the time and spending that much on myself… guilt, self blame, feeling selfish ,are all familiar feeling to have when you are

“I don’t mix well”.. This is common, you must remember you will be among an intimate group, you will be sharing the same experiences but it will be your own individual journey which you will be embarking upon. That’s ok to feel like this, trust me the groups which are brought together for these retreats are just like you and me..they feel the same too, a little awkward at first , a little self conscious.. don’t these feeling and thoughts will banish as soon as you enter the retreat. You will be made feel welcome  and very special indeed.

“I’d be embarrassed, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it”..…you don’t need any qualifications or set of skills , you don’t need to be at particular place on your life’s journey, you don’t have to be any particular age or gender, … ..The only thing you need is to do is ‘show up’ and be apart of an  amazing group where everyone can shine individually.


My Story

The following steps are uniquely mine. Yours will look different, but
I do hope mine strikes a cord within you ….

When I Really Started Loving Myself …When I Truly Loved Myself Enough ……

…I Quit exhausting myself , trying so hard and running myself into the ground

…I No longer needed things or people to make me feel secure, loved or supported

…I Quit ignoring my gut feelings and began seeing my abilities as true gifts

…I Learned to meet my own needs, put myself first and not feel selfish while doing it

…I Came to see I am no-one special but I am unique

…I Came to love being alone surrounded by silence, awed by its spell,
   listening to inner peace..this was   really major for me. I used to
   hate my own company and being alone!

…I Felt compelled to slow down, stop and look after myself even if only
   for a few moments at a time

…I learned to say NO when I want to and YES when I want to..

…I could see the funny side of things in life and I have never
   laughed before!

…I began listening to the wisdom of my body ..Wow, it Is so powerful
   and has brought me here in front of you today

…I treated myself to a manicure for no reason at all other than to be nice
   to myself..

You see, when you love yourself, everything in life flows much easier.. feelings of dis-ease fade, stress melts away, discomfort, anxiety, self doubt, self criticism ..gladly all become a thing of the past.

I feel it is now my responsibility to bring this retreat to you, to make it available for you and all the other people who need it. I endeavour to do everything I possible can to ensure you feel empowered  so you can write your own story..”When I loved myself enough ..I…

Take control of your health..your life!!!

Register Now and I will give you these VALUABLE Bonuses.

Gertrude’s Personal Money Back’


Introduce a new friend and receive an extra €100 off your own retreat cost.


One month FREE ACCESS to my Educate Yourself Programme… Recipes for Life, Packed With Weekly 7 Step Health and Happiness R.E.C.I.P.E.S.

Invaluable to keep you focused on you can start using immediately BEFORE you even get to the retreat. . .


Lunches, refreshments free for the two days. Any specific dietary requests
please let us know upon your booking. (you will get to taste herbal teas, freshly made juices, smoothies to enhance the healing impact over the two days. Regular tea and coffee will not be supplied but available if you choose to have them.)


Your own Personal “Love yourself renew yourself” Wellness and Pamper Pack..

No need to worry about being back in school.. or worry that you will forget all your tips, tools, tactics, ideas, action steps.. as I've already done most of the work for you!

Upon your arrival , you'll receive  your very own personalised Love yourself renew yourself wellness and Pamper Pack which you can use
throughout your retreat and most importantly when you get back home.


Super re-energising 30 minute phone consultation following your retreat strategise and answer any other questions which may have come up for you!

Priceless in supporting you as you implement the next steps into your life.

Why Is this retreat so affordable?

Its simple..I want to help as many people as possible. Lets spread the word together that abundant energy and self love are achievable.. I want the room to be filled with people who are ready , who are committed to changing their lives..i want the room to be electric!!

YES, please..reserve my spot..for abundant energy and love..

Lets look at a few other ways you could spend this money instead…

Going on a holiday…Yes, you may come back with a tan, having chilled out and feeling great…for just a few days…then before you know it you will be back into your routine and really no further on health wise and once again you start to feel frustrated. The health summit is not like a holiday …it is so much more. The difference being you will learn HOW to look after you with the tips, skills and techniques that I use all of the time.
Medical expenses…ongoing doctors bills to find the answers you are craving for? Is your doctor treating your symptoms or the cause? What does your doctor actually tell you about what nutrition you actually need, what healing foods are best for you, what you can do to de-stress you, what will re-energise you, how you can sleep with ease?
Buying supplements, if you are like me, I used to buy the latest remedy or pills to boost my energy, to help me to sleep better, to relax m…but you see little or no difference or soon they remain in the cupboard unused along with the rest of the collection.…and no doubt all these added up together would come to a small fortune.
Lots of lower priced self-help and self diagnostic books, ebooks, audio programs, courses that only give you more information …they do not give you the all inspiring experience, the buzz form like minded people, the specific action steps you can use…they’ll just sit in your computer files or on your shelf and won’t do anything for you. Its time to stop messing about with bundles of lower priced quick remedies that can’t deliver what you truly need and invest in a complete solution.

What is it worth to you to have all the energy you want to jump out of bed every morning, to play with the kids, to reach your goal, to be inspired, to be motivated to value you and take good care of you….

Your Host:

Gertrude Lawler,
Author, Food Technologist, Kinesiologist

Why listen to Gertrude?

Gertrude., completely transformed her own long term health issues after years of suffering in frustration..since then she has dedicated her time, her energy and her passion towards reaching out and helping others empower themselves.

Gertrude is a professional food technologist and spent over 14 years hands on in the food industry managing food safety, health , nutrition, food labeling and hygiene. Trust me I know what really is in food and most importantly how you can avoid the nasties!!!

Gertrude is a certified Kinesiologist with the association of kinesiology of Ireland.

Gertrude has set up a thriving kinesiology clinic in Co, Kildare, Ireland..where this year due to demand from clients  she quit her full time job to dedicate to treating and helping more people.

Gertrude has  treated over 400 clients in person , ranging in age from 3 weeks old to 85 years old..with ailments ranging from chronic fatigue, depression, Irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, severe skin conditions, severe menstrual problems, migraines, insomnia, acid reflux and much more

Gertrude has over 8,000 followers viewing her health tips, strategies, ideas and remedies online stretching one end of the earth to the other.. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Turkey, England, Scotland and her homeland Ireland of course.

Gertrude has written over 300 articles ,2 successful ebooks, monthly newsletters, weekly blog articles and more over the past 2 years.

Gertrude has hosted in person 5 live retreats and workshops to date

So in Summary You get...

  • Two full days of with me where I will teach you how to look after YOU
  • All meals and food provided
  • A chance to rejuvenate, re-energise and reinvigorate your mind and body
  • Easy and affordable payment options
  • A Wellness Pamper Pack with everything you need

All this for only €425

We are 100% committed to making sure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded! I promise you this event will be unlike anything you have ever attended, and to show you how much I believe in the value you’ll receive by attending, I will make it a simple decision for you to say ‘yes’ right now..with my personal Your Money Back’ guarantee.

Gertrude’s Personal Money Back’

Please go ahead, register and attend the love yourself renew yourself Retreat at my risk.

If for any reason you do not learn anything new or feel a personal difference by the end of the retreat  or you honestly feel you didn’t get your moneys worth, just quietly turn in your materials to my event manager by the end of the event and ask for a full 100% refund.

You really cannot lose. Your money back guarantee is my way of taking any worry off your shoulders about making the important decision. And that’s my promise,

That should eliminate any concerns or fears you may have about joining us at the ‘Two day retreat’ you honestly have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Be a DOER, TAKE CHARGE, TAKE ACTION…


Travel Information

Access: Dublin Airport 40 mins approx, Bus eireann bus service,
Sallins train station..10 minutes approx.
Accommodation:Killashee House Hotel, Naas, co, Kildare. Local Bed and Breakfast accommodation details available directly from the hotel.

Life is just too short for messing around!!

Wishing you lots of abundant energy and love

PS…Re-emerge a new person empowered, energised and revitalised.

P.P.S Your personal journey begins the moment you make the decision to join us on the retreat..and remains long after you leave the retreat.

P.P.P.S The secret is, it can actually often be the smallest of changes you take which can make the biggest transformation within you!

Register me now..